Ryan Hurd – Pelago

Ryan Hurd – Pelago

I love country music. But, I feel I neglected my love for it in 2020. As 2021 progressed my Nashville dreaming was reignited,and mostly thanks to the great country albums that were released this year. Top of that list for me is Pelago by Ryan Hurd. 

This album ticks all the boxes I want from a country album: heartfelt love, honest heartbreak, raw vocals, the happy bops, the tugging at the heartstrings that only country can, and of course a song about drinking. 

What Are You Drinking is a powerful song to someone that Hurd knows inside out, knowing exactly what they’re feeling or what’s going on in their life simply by their drink of choice at that moment. You can hear the longing for some form of reconnection in Hurd’s vocals.

Fancy something a little more upbeat? Then press play on Hell is an Island.

Through the dark, cold Scottish winter Coast always managed to transport me to a warmer and sunny place, driving down a golden coast in a vintage convertible. Then there’s the love songs, one of which – Chasing After You – feels absolutely perfect, perhaps it’s the marrying of Hurd’s vocals with wife Maren Morris’s. They just seem to melt together flawlessly. If I could request any other music couple to follow up Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Rest of Our Lives duet album, it would be Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd.

If you too enjoy a little country in your playlist, or even if you don’t, give this a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

Must listen tracks: If I Had Two Hearts, What are You Drinking, Hell is and Island

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