My Love Story – Tina Turner

My Love Story – Tina Turner

“It is possible to turn poison into medicine.” This is the thought that Tina Turner leaves us with at the end of My Love Story.

Curled up in a comfy chair, with a freshly drained cup of tea, I turned the final page of Tina’s story. And what a story. Before picking up a copy I already knew some of the events divulged within the book – I have been a Tina Turner fan for most of my life and I have seen the 1993 movie. Yet having now finished reading My Love Story, there was plenty more I didn’t know that was kept private at the time.

Tina, as well all know, is a woman of many talents, but a writer she never claimed to be. But personally, I feel that this benefits the narrative. As I read the words, I felt that Tina was there in the room telling me the stories first hand and that drew me in even more.

I won’t divulge any of the revelations shared within, I’ll let Tina share those with you as you read through the pages yourself. The book is a fascinating and enlightening journey for fans and others alike. Tina’s bravery and warmth are a shining light throughout as she bares all, through the highs and the lows.

Let Tina steal your heart.

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