Delta Goodrem – Bridge Over Troubled Dreams

Delta Goodrem – Bridge Over Troubled Dreams

Anyone who knows me must be aware that Delta Goodrem is my top artist of all time. So when it was announced that the much anticipated ‘DG6’ was to release in 2021 with the title Bridge Over Troubled Dreams, I just knew it was going to be a great one. Goodrem did not disappoint. 

The album is a perfect telling of stories; an insight into the past five years for Goodrem. Welcoming us into her heart and revealing her emotional stories, including regaining the ability to speak after a recent complication during surgery damaged a nerve and paralysed her tongue, Goodrem’s vocals shine from the album’s first note, D, to the closing G.  

Between these two notes you will find tracks finely crafted and telling of the price of fame, a lover taking back their heart, a woman owning her self worth, a call for boundless love and the birth of a fighter and survivor before even entering the world.

Solid Gold is a break up song, but not any ordinary break up song. It tells of a lover who didn’t appreciate what they had and how you should realise that you deserve to be appreciated and respected. The switch in the lyrics in the final pre-chorus represents the point where it is too late, Goodrem has realised she is worth more and has left the toxic relationship behind, leaving him with the memory that what he has was solid gold.

I challenge you not to get emotional while listening to All of My Friends, as Goodrem sings of her time in LA and feeling isolated from her close friends and family who were all back in Australia. A song that for many can ring true, especially through recent times.

If you’re looking for a track to blast from those speakers and remind you of your inner strength, make sure to crank it up when The Power comes on. I get completely lost in this track as it adds more and more layers to its sound until I find it difficult not to be dancing around the room (street, train or wherever I find myself). Become enveloped by the bass, the groove and the uplifting vibe before sitting back and closing your eyes to marvel in the power and control of Goodrem’s voice in Play – just wait for that closing chorus.

Goodrem certainly delivers on her latest album. Stunning!

Must listen tracks: The Power, Play, Keep Climbing, Paralyzed

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