A Lockdown Remedy

A Lockdown Remedy

“The best thing about reading is to escape from your life, to be able to live hundreds or even thousands of different lives.” – Anna Todd

Reading has always been a passion of mine. I can vividly remember my childhood, I would love the hour or so before bed I would spend reading. Sometimes I would get so engrossed that I’d read for hours. And today is new book day! Oh how I love getting new books. I certainly do miss perusing the shelves of bookshops, exploring the many stories that the walls upon walls of books hold. The aroma of new paper and fresh ink rises from the books as they are plucked from their spot, eager to tell their stories. The whistle of a coffee machine in the air as the smell of crisp coffee wafts between the rows of shelving. Sorry, I got lost for a second there…

Throughout the lockdown, reading was one way to relax and escape and I am going to continue that and share my favourite reads with you.

You will come to discover my love for fantasy and science fiction. Along the reading journey there will be a lot of this, while I will break out of these genres to explore some others and even revisit some of my favourite reads from the past. This time I’ve deviated from my usual comfy spot in the fantasy fiction world and taken a foray into biographies. I had been speaking to my close friend Rosie and discovered that we don’t read as many biographies as we would like. As such, we have challenged each other to read five biographies this year. I know that five may not seem like much, but for book lovers with so many different stories on the ‘to read’ list it is always hard to try and make time for them all or decide which to start with. As you can see I couldn’t even keep it to just five.

So follow me on my journey into the lives of some very interesting people as I delve into the worlds of music, art, nature and politics. I have my newly poured coffee. But where to begin?

What are your favourite reads? Head over to my Instagram post to share.

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